Learn How to Build a Solar Panel At Home

A cheap system of solar panel will forever be best solution for expensive electricity bills. The solar systems are bit costly, but one can now learn How to Build a Solar Panel At Home. One can have a look on the low power and low efficiency photovoltaic cells which one can make on their own with few materials only, that they can get from hardware store. This is also made of the cuprous oxide, instead of the silicon and one can also build the working solar panel in just two hours. For building it, one can follow the instructions given below.

Steps for building solar panel at home

Step 1: Materials

  • Sheet of the copper flashing which you can get from hardware store
  • Transparent CD case
  • Sodium bicarbonate or the table salt
  • Electric wire
  • Electric stove
  • Solder
  • Hot glue
  • Sheet metal shear to cut copper sheet


Step 2: Prepare copper

The other step is cutting piece of copper sheet which must be around size of burner on stove. Wash the hands so that one cannot have any oil or grease on it. Wash copper sheet with then cleanser or soap for getting any grease off it. Make use of wire brush for thoroughly cleaning copper sheets, so that light corrosion can be removed. Clean and dry the copper sheet on burner and turn burner to higher setting.

Step 3: Cooking of copper

Cook copper for around 30 minutes. As copper gets hotter, colors get replaced with black coating of the cupric oxide. The oxide is not needed; it flakes off later on, shows pink, orange, and purple, red of cuprous oxide layers. The last bit of the colors gets disappeared as burner starts glowing red. When burner glows as red hot, copper sheet can be coated with black cupric oxide coating. Cook it for half hour so that black coating can turn thick. After half hour, turn off copper. Leave hot copper on burner for cooling it slowly. If it gets cool quickly, black oxide stay stuck to copper.

Step 4: Prepare cooked copper

When copper has cooled to the room temperature, most of these black oxides go off. Do the light scrubbing with hand under the water that can remove well the small bits. Resist temptation for removing all black spots by the hand scrub. This can also damage delicate red cuprous oxide layers that are required for making it solar panel work.

Step 5: Assemble the solar panel

  • Cut other sheet of the copper
  • Solder wire to each copper plates
  • Glue to insulate soldering
  • Glue plate as stated

Step 6: Fill & seal panel

Seal panel and fill them with baking soda solution and water.

Step 7: Test solar panel

You can test it with the sunlight. It will be able to produce around 58 micro ramps at the 0.10 volts.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the above instructions and learn how to build a Solar Panel At Home.

Posted on April 28, 2018 in Solar Power

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